• Sara Rudin

8: Gelsey M. - Former Rockette

Updated: Feb 26

"If you don't ask, the answer is 'No' anyway"

I was given a challenge to go big and ask for outrageous things knowing the person I asked would most likely say no. The very first challenge I gave myself was to reach out to the Rockettes (yes, the super famous dance group from Radio City Music Hall) and ask for an interview. They politely declined - I was actually impressed they responded! I was so excited about putting myself out there and posted on Facebook about the challenge.

Much to my surprise, a friend of mine knew a former Rockette and got us connected. Gelsey walked me through the process of applying and auditioning to become a Rockette. This was such an incredible interview and opportunity to speak with a former Rockette! You'll love this episode, and I hope it inspires you to work hard and reach for those goals!

More pics to come!

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