• Sara Rudin

Diane Cunningham Ellis - The Mentor

I love the quote "Success leaves clues" by Tony Robbins.

Since COVID started, I have been learning more and more about marketing, creating memberships, and how I can play a small role in growing the sport of baton twirling. I have A LOT of courses to learn more about all of these topics, and many others, but the most amazing one I watched was one where someone's name I have known for MANY years came across my screen.

While taking notes, I see a familiar name on one of the trainings: Diane Cunningham Ellis. I immediately stop the video and zoom in. What are the odds?! The trainer went on to explain Diane's accomplishments, and used her as an example for a small part of this training.

Immediately, I am taken back 20 years when I walked into the doorway of my mom's church friend, Diane. I was selling pens to raise money for my high school prom, and she welcomed me into her house and bought a pen from me. I was stoked! A few years later, I was selling Cutco knives, and I decided to stop by her place. She bought from me again, and I told her how much I appreciated her helping me.

She sat and talked with me and told me how great my training document was for the knives presentation. While I was there, Diane told me about ambition and entrepreneurship. Everything was so natural, and I was hooked on every word. Little did I realize our conversation would encourage me in the future to dream big and go for what I wanted.

How exciting is it to say this very same person is on the podcast today?! Check out her site at www.dianecunningham.com to learn more about Diane's journey and to get into her amazing mentorship programs!


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