• Sara Rudin

23: Coronavirus and Live Learning

I have never gone Live on Facebook via the Podcast page, but I had so much fun! Check out the fun video teaching some basics to those watching.

I developed a cough, and I told my students to stay home so I didn't get them sick. I let them know I'd teach a lesson online. I thought many twirlers I know may also have to stay home or give up teaching for a while, so what better way to encourage them than putting myself out there and doing a training. I hope you see it's possible! You don't have to share to the world either. Create a private Facebook group, and click Go Live! No one else can see, and your students still learn some valuable information while classes are paused.

What would you like to see in future live trainings? Let us know in the comments or check out the Baton Twirling Podcast on Facebook and comment on the video! Thank you to all those who joined live! It was a blast!

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