• Sara Rudin

34: The Marketing Guru - Steve Larsen

It's no question I am completely disappointed when I hear that Baton Twirling is a dying sport. What shocked me more was hearing established twirlers state this as a fact during our conversations.

I began researching ways to effectively market baton twirling, and I realized that was the problem: Baton Twirlers are not marketing!

At first I was shocked because how can we expect the sport to grow if we don't market? Then I realized a lot of people don't market for one of two reasons: They don't know how or They don't have the resources needed to market.

Never you fear, dear twirler. I have been doing a lot of research to help you market your team to others. First, listen to this episode. Steve Larsen has figured out some amazing secrets about marketing, and he has worked with one of the best marketers in the marketing industry.

Steve has helped thousands of people make six figures, and plenty of those people have gone on to become millionaires themselves. I asked Steve many questions about twirling and what he thought. My favorite example is that there is a guy out there teaching people how to jump, YES, I SAID JUMP!, and he is making six figures doing it.

Don't give up on baton twirling. When done correctly, everyone falls in love with this sport.

I have created a brand new program to help with all things marketing, growing, and learning to teach baton twirling to assist with helping others grow the sport of twirling. You can check out more information at batontwirling101.teachable.com.

Now I want to hear from you! What resources do you wish you had so you could start, grow, or continue your own baton twirling group?

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